15 choses que tu ne sais pas sur Kakashi

15 secrets about Kakashi

Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto series ✒️ is blessed with an array of interesting, exhilarating and memorable characters, one of the most popular being Hatake Kakashi.

As the leader of Team 7, Kakashi is a source of wisdom and motivation to Naruto and his friends. However, he is far from the stereotypical sensei and has his own personality, his story is touching and he masters an impressive arsenal of jutsu. 📜

As Naruto , Sasuke , and Sakura grew up, Kakashi's role as a teacher became less and less important, as evidenced in battles against Pain, Obito, and Kaguya, the Sharingan user fighting with his former disciples on an equal level.

In addition to electrifying fight scenes, Kakashi is known for his many quirks, such as his penchant for adult fiction and his unwavering ability to show up late for every appointment. Despite his comedic tendencies, Kakashi is arguably one of the best characters in the entire series, starting off as an arrogant and brutal young ninja and transforming into a generous and selfless leader.

Although he is incredibly popular, there are many things about Kakashi that Naruto fans may not know. Some of these facts have been revealed in wider media, 📺 and some relate to Masashi Kishimoto's design and development of the character.

With our copy of "Cligrating Heaven" firmly in hand, here are the 15 things you don't know about Hatake Kakashi.



One of Naruto 's biggest mysteries - as far as filler episodes go - was what secrets 🤐 were hidden beneath Kakashi's mask. Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura spent countless hours trying to catch their Sensei without his mask, but, for one reason or another, they always failed.

Ultimately, Kakashi decided to harness his students' curiosity and turned this goal into a team-building exercise. In the Shippuden episode "A Special Mission", Team 7 works with mysterious photographer Sukea to take a photo of their elusive Sensei. 📷 At the climax of the episode, Sukea was revealed to be none other than Kakashi himself in disguise, and after hundreds of episodes, the show would finally reveal the character's full profile. The big secret? A small mole on the chin.

Kakashi T-shirt


Kakashi tomo sword

Hatake Kakashi possesses the white chakra saber however, Kakashi is not known to be a sword wielder in the Naruto series. However, flashback scenes ⚡ show that, in his youth, the ninja often fought with a small Tantō blade. Although not much is said about the weapon, this Katana is much more important than just a standard sword. ⚔️

Known as the White Light Chakra Saber , the Tantō is an heirloom of the Hatake clan, passed down to Kakashi from his father Sakumo. The blade takes its name from the streak of color that is created when the weapon is thrown, and this is what gave Sakumo the nickname " White Fang of Konoha" .

Despite its relatively modest appearance, the White Light Chakra Saber is a powerful ninja weapon and its destruction during Kakashi's fight against Kakkō was truly unfortunate. Episodes of Naruto Shippuden 📺 however seemed to indicate that the blade had been reforged, although Kakashi did not wield it in the main timeline.


Kakashi Karin Obito

There is debate within the Naruto fandom over how Kakashi developed his version of the Mangekyo Sharingan . Kakashi would first use the technique on-screen during his battle against Akatsuki member Deidara in Naruto Shippuden, but it would later be confirmed that Kakashi had this power since he was a child, at exactly the same time. when Obito acquired it, shortly after Rin died. ☠️

There is no definitive answer to why Kakashi waited so long before using this ability. Some believe that he never realized he possessed such power until seeing Itachi use it during their fight. Others claim that young Kakashi did not have enough chakra to perform such exceptional techniques.

Obviously, the real reason for this mystery has more to do with Kishimoto's incremental additions regarding the Sharingan. However, a clearer explanation in the story could have been helpful. 📚 Discover our blog which deals with Kakashi's Sharingan .


kakashi chunin

Young ninjas 🌱 often appear on screen and appear much older than they really are, character ages are usually vague in anime as a rule. As such, some fans might be surprised at how young Hatake Kakashi was when he reached the first two major milestones of his ninja career.

The future Sixth Hokage was only 5 years old when he graduated from Konoha Academy and became a young Genin, and it only took him a year to ascend to the rank of Chūnin. 🎉 By comparison, Neji Hygūa - who was also considered a child prodigy - became a Genin at 12 and a Chūnin at 15. This impressive rise in rank can perhaps be attributed in part to the Third Great Shinobi War, but it also shows just how powerful Kakashi was, even at a very young age and long before he obtained his Sharingan.


Kakashi Itachi

Itachi's massacre of the Uchiha clan 🌖 is one of the most important events in Naruto history, and the blame for the tragedy can be shared between several characters.

When it comes to Kakashi , some of the blame could also be placed on him. While working under the Third Hokage, Itachi joined Kakashi as a member of his team and the white-haired ninja served as a mentor to his partner Uchiha. Although Kakashi recognized Itachi's abilities, he was concerned about the Uchiha's brutal nature and therefore attempted to instill in him the importance of teamwork. 🤜🤛

One day, Itachi asked Kakashi for various advice in an effort to honor the memory of his fallen friends, and soon after, the massacre was committed. 🩸 Since the incident, Kakashi has regretted his inability to guide Itachi down a path other than that of violence, and although it was an extremely significant moment, the scenes were quite understated during the anime, they certainly did not received the exposure they deserved.


Kakashi Hokage

For a time, Hatake Kakashi 🐶 took over the mantle of Hokage before handing over the title to Naruto and retiring. Although he has moved away from the front lines, Naruto media has subsequently shown that Kakashi does not appear to have adopted a casual lifestyle and instead continues to complete missions in an unofficial capacity.

In the Boruto series, Kakashi reveals that he has been conducting his own investigations into Danzo's experiments as well as other antagonists, and he even takes action to save the village from the dangerous " Naked " beast . 🐲 Interestingly, Kakashi was also seen giving instructions to the current Hokage, Naruto , during the fight against " Nue" , continuing their teacher/student relationship, despite Naruto's adult status and village hokage.

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Kakashi Anbu

Masashi Kishimoto is renowned for his attention to detail, especially when it comes to character and costume designs. However, it's unlikely that fans will have noticed every connection between the different characters. One of Kakashi's best easter eggs can be seen during the ninja's younger years when he was a member of the Anbu.

Konoha's Anbu masks are designed to look like animals, and Kakashi's is very dog-like. 🐶 This is clearly a reference to Kakashi's calling ability, which allows him to call a pack of ninja dogs, interestingly, one could argue that the mask even incorporates the traits of several of Kakashi's canine friends .

Although Kakashi's summoning of the Ninkens becomes less frequent later in the series, this little reference was a nice way to recall one of Kakashi's most famous techniques. 📜


Kakashi Purple Flash

After the Fourth Great Ninja War, Kakashi was left with two eyes, but neither of them possessed the Sharingan and many viewers may be wondering if the ninja widely known as "Kakashi the Copycat Ninja" might still have the level of d 'Hokage without his Dôjutsu. 👁️

The answer to this question was not long in coming, as Kakashi compensated for his Sharingan by reminding everyone why he was revered early in his ninja career. He achieved this in particular by inventing a brand new technique called Flash Violet. ⚡ Used in the Boruto and Kakashi Hiden series, Flash Violet is a very powerful technique and an impressive variation of Chidori.


Kakashi Susano

During Naruto Shippuden's final battle, Kakashi momentarily receives both of Obito's Uchiha eyes, which will greatly increase his power. Shortly after gaining the extra eye, Kakashi releases a perfectly trained and controlled Susanoo . 🕹️

Despite the ingenuity of the scene itself, many Naruto fans took issue with how quickly Kakashi was able to manipulate the Susanoo technique, especially considering the hard training other characters had to undergo to perfect this technical.

That said, perhaps this is just a testament to Kakashi's natural genius. Additionally, it's worth remembering that even though he wasn't an Uchiha and only had one eye with the Sharingan, Kakashi had used Obito's power for most of his life, and therefore knew his abilities.

Painting Kakashi Hatake


Charlie Sheen

At first glance, you might not think that Hatake Kakashi and Charlie Sheen have much in common. You may be surprised to discover that one of the main voice actors for Kakashi, Kazuhiko Inoue, is also the Japanese voice of Charlie Harper in "My Uncle Charlie."

Granted, both characters would enjoy a good read of Jiraiya's book Frolicking Heaven , but, aside from that, it's certainly fun to think of Kakashi's voice 🗣️ attached to Charlie Harper's bachelor lifestyle.

Kazuhiko has also played in several other Japanese soundtracks 🎙️ of well-known Western productions such as Jack Shepherd in Lost, Kaecilius in Doctor Strange, and the character of Jason Statham in the Transporter series. A CV that is both versatile and varied!


Kakashi Hiden

Fans eager to continue Kakashi 's story after Naruto Shippuden may be surprised and delighted to learn that a short novel exists, which covers the period between the series finale and Kakashi's election as Hokage .

Kakashi Hiden - The Frozen Sky Struck by Lightning 📖 was written by Akira Higashiyama but illustrated by series creator Masashi Kishimoto, and is therefore considered exceptional by many fans. The story is also very significant, as it explains why Kakashi ultimately decides to agree to become Hokage, even though he was reluctant to become one.

Most of the novel takes place on an airship, Kakashi and Gai Sensei are forced to fight a group of dangerous criminals. Seeing Konoha's 11th spring into action , Kakashi decides that he will take over the village until his students are ready to do so for him.


Kakashi Spin Off

Kakashi 's popularity has been enormous throughout the duration of the Naruto series, 📺 and he has consistently appeared in the top positions of various Ninja popularity polls. Therefore, the character would likely have been a prime candidate for a spin-off in the spirit of the Naruto fandom.

Kakashi was also creator Masashi Kishimoto 's first choice for a potential series. Indeed, the mangaka confirmed in an interview with publishers Shonen Jump that, if he had to create a Naruto story with a different main character, Hatake Kakashi would be his first choice. 1️⃣

Since much of Kakashi's history has already been covered, it would likely focus on Kakashi's days as a Jōnin and chronicle the various missions he undertook that helped cement his formidable reputation as a ninja.


Kakashi Gozaru

In anime and manga, it can be common for characters to end their sentences with a phrase or certain sound in order to indicate a personality clue or add a unique quirk to their character. Masashi Kishimoto ✒️ originally wanted Kakashi to have such a trait, and early drafts of the character concluded sentences by saying "de gozaru".

This expression is often used to indicate a formal, somewhat old-fashioned and rigid language pattern, and is particularly associated with different types of samurai and traditional spirit.

Perhaps it's a blessing that this quirk was dropped from the final character ❌, not only because it would have been a bit annoying for international viewers, but also because it could have altered Kakashi's more laid back nature adulthood. Other than that, very little was changed from Kishimoto's original concept of the character Kakashi .


Kakashi scarecrow

Name translations can often reveal some salient details of an anime and manga character and, while some are obvious (like the Narutomaki connection 🍥 ), others are less well known. For example, the name " Kakashi " translates into English as "scarecrow," with the full title "Hatake Kakashi" roughly meaning "Farmland Scarecrow."

Although the term ninja has no particular connection to the ins and outs of farming techniques, it does go some way to explaining Kakashi's appearance and hairstyle , which echoes the visual appearance of a scarecrow , with his tall, slim figure and his spiky white hair.


Inner Sakura

One of the funniest elements of the Naruto series is Sakura's emotional 👻 spirit , the animated and easily irritable side of Sakura that only the viewer or reader is able to see. It's unfortunate that this comedic technique hasn't been applied to other characters in the series, but as anyone who has played the Clash of Ninja video game knows, Kakashi's emotional spirit also exists.

In the game, players can use Kakashi's Sharingan copy ability to mimic Sakura's "Cha Barrage" move, giving fans a glimpse of what an inner Kakashi might look like. Kakashi and Sasuke can also imitate Sakura's inner spirit in Ultimate Ninja 🎮, revealing inner versions of themselves.

Although the appearances are only brief, they hint at what might have happened if Kishimoto had shown a little more awkwardness and openness towards these usually reserved ninjas.

Can you think of any other interesting facts about Hatake Kakashi? Is he one of your favorite characters? Let us know in the comments section!

Here is at your disposal our section of Goodies around the emblematic Kakashi, take advantage of it now! 🙂

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