Comment Eren se transforme en Titan

How did Eren Jäger become a Titan?

If you are reading these few lines, it is because, like us, you are a real fan of Attack on Titan ! ⚔️ Plunging us into a distant universe mixing advanced technologies with a more medieval way of life, this manga is a masterpiece of creativity. Both realistic and yet fantastic with the presence of giant creatures that do not exist on earth, this work has captured the hearts of fans and established itself as a reference.

However, even if it is appreciated by all those who read it or watch the anime, this manga has an element of mystery which raises questions from many fans. 🕵️‍♂️ The objective of today's article is precisely to look at one of the questions you ask us the most: How did Eren become a Titan?

By exploring different aspects of its transformation, we will provide a comprehensive answer to this subject. However, we prefer to warn you: if you are just starting out inAttack on Titan , you will discover many spoilers in what follows. If, on the contrary, it doesn't bother you and you want to know more, let's get straight to the heart of the matter, Livaï Ackerman style!

Why did Eren become a Titan?

Why is Eren a Titan?

The answer to this question is very simple: thanks to a serum composed of titan spinal cord . 💉 During his young age,Eren had this substance injected into him by his father, a doctor who was working on the issue of titans. From then on, our young hero had within him the potential to one day transform and take on the appearance of a Titan.

How does Eren transform into a Titan?

Although he gained his transformative power at a very young age, Eren cannot transform at will whenever he pleases. For this, several factors are required in a very specific way. Let's see together what elements allow the young hero Jäger to unleash his titanic powers.

1 - A particular objective

The first factor in Eren's transformation is a sufficient external reason for him to act . 🎯 Indeed, during each of his appearances, the fighter's Titan form never happened by chance. On the contrary, it corresponded precisely to an event or an action during which Eren had to act. Extreme motivation on his part is therefore required to achieve his goal of metamorphosis.

2 - Severe pain

Eren's Transformation

The second element to take into account in the equation of his change into a Titan happens to be a physical injury that he inflicts on himself . During each transformation, Eren had to resort to self-mutilation to achieve his ends. 🥵 We also see him violently biting his hand with each of his attempts, going so far as to make himself bleed by inflicting deep marks on himself. Note also that other individuals who have this power of transformation also call upon this personal injury to trigger their titanic form.

3 - A need to surpass oneself physically

Finally, the last point required for Eren to become a titan is the hopelessness of the situation he finds himself in. 💪 The hero could not become a Titan simply to move from point A to point B. On the contrary, he needs to be in a situation of physical helplessness to call upon his superhuman strength by taking the form of 'a Titan. This factor is also an element which maintains an even greater motivation in Eren to learn to master his powers: he cannot bear being able to act only as a last resort when the situation becomes too dangerous.

What is Eren's Titan called?

1 - The Attacking Titan

Generally speaking, the name of Eren's Titan is the Assault Titan . He bears this name because of his behavior during his first meeting with the garrison troops. 👥 Unlike other creatures that behave aggressively towards humans, the Attack Titan showed no sign of interest in Mikasa, against whom he could have instead fought in the street. On the other hand, he focused all his attacks on the other titans present in Trost County.

Possessing a mid-length haircut, he sports prominent musculature that perfectly matches his overdeveloped strength. He is also capable of decapitating a Titan with a simple punch . 👣 Measuring 15 meters high, it has great speed of action and can easily outrun human troops during a sprint.

With small, bright eyes and a gaunt jaw, his titan's appearance differs from Eren's, although they have some physical traits in common. Interestingly, like any host, the Survey Battalion fighter is capable of performing a partial transformation of his body only as needed. He was thus able to protect himself from a cannonball with his hand, for example. 💣

2 - The Original Titan

Attacking Titan

Although he has only one overall appearance, Eren's titan goes by several names throughout the story. Each of these names refers to a particular form possessing very specific powers as well as a different level of mastery on the part of its host. The Original Titan is the second name given to Eren Jäger's titan.

Unlike the Attacking Titan which is unique in its form, the original titans are the first 9 titans created in the history of the manga. 📚 They all have very specific powers and abilities that place them above other creatures of their species. They largely dominate them, both physically and technically.

During his adventure, Eren will take possession of this Titan whose most powerful skills allow him to create and control other titans . 😎 His appearance will not be impacted and he will keep the physique of the Assailing Titan. More than a real transformation, it is essentially a specific form which adds a superhuman dimension to the hero of the series and broadens his scope of action to achieve his objectives.

What are Eren's Titan powers?

Original Titan

We have just seen why and how does Eren transform into a Titan. In addition, you now know the name and appearance of the Attack Titan that Eren owns. All that remains is for us to discover together what abilities are enabled by Titan's transformation.

1 - An extraordinary power

The first thing that stands out when we discover the Attacking Titan is its raw strength as well as its extreme speed of movement. 🏃‍♂️ He is now able to leap hundreds of meters, destroy buildings with a wave of his hand, and pierce the body of any other titan with a punch. Coupled with his mastery of the martial arts taught in the military academy, this first power makes the Titan a true war machine.

2 - Self-healing of tissues

One of the most notable facts in the discovery of the Attacking Titan is its ability to regenerate damaged limbs . 💊 As if his body were an intelligent, high-performance entity dissociated from his mind, the Assault Titan never stays injured for too long and recovers quickly after receiving blows. This ability is also partly transmitted to Eren who saw his tooth grow back following a punch from Levi which caused him to lose his molar on the ground. Enough to make the fights last and allow us to consider more medium and long term strategies.

3 - Berserker's Rage

Berserk Titan

Finally, even if this power is directly linked to the superhuman strength of the Titan, we could not miss its so-called Berserker form. Appearing for the first time against the Female Titan , this evolution of the Attacking Titan allows her to increase her power tenfold by unleashing all her strength . 😈 Although he is conscious and able to hear his surroundings, Eren almost loses all control of his Titan in this posture. He is then only guided by rage which he transforms into an additional weapon against his opponent with the sole aim of killing him.

Become a Titan too!

You now know everything you need to know about Eren and his transformation into the Attack Titan. A true weapon of war in Attack on Titan , it is both feared and respected by humans who do not know how to understand this powerful monster capable of the worst as well as the best to save humanity.

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