Qui est le plus fort entre Naruto et Boruto ?

Who is stronger between Naruto and Boruto

Who is stronger, Naruto or Boruto? In the anime series Boruto : Naruto Next Generations, the rambunctious main protagonist is around 12 years old and a newly graduated genin from Konoha Village. 🔥 He is also approximately the same age as Naruto in the first part of his own story , during the long time jump which preceded Naruto Shippūden. Naruto and Boruto's respective stories begin at the same time in their lives and recount similar key events, such as the Chûnin Exams, learning new key techniques 📜 and summoning beasts for the first time.


Comparison between Boruto and Naruto:

Naruto and Boruto

Despite the similarities in their stories, Naruto and Boruto had very different upbringings and are very different fighters! However, the fanbase debates which of the two is stronger. Is Boruto more powerful than Naruto was at the same age? 🥊 As the exact timelines of Naruto and Boruto are not explicitly dated , we will rely exclusively on Naruto's power in the first part of the anime.

Origin of Naruto and Boruto's strength?

Naruto Boruto and Sasuke

A ninja's strength can be judged on 4 main factors within the Naruto franchise: taijutsu (hand-to-hand combat), ninjutsu (chakra-based techniques), genjutsu (different forms of illusions ) and tactical intelligence . 🧠 In the latter two categories, Naruto and Boruto are more or less identical - neither uses genjutsu and both are reckless, impulsive, emotional protagonists in the Shonen mold, regularly breaking mission protocol.

Naruto has always been a strong user of taijutsu and his skills have improved over time with Kakashi , but also thanks to his rivalry with Sasuke Uchiha within Team 7. While Boruto has benefited from a much better quality training ! 🤼‍♂️ Conversely , Naruto did not receive personal tutoring during his academic years, because he had no family or friends to help him. While Boruto began training from a young age, receiving instruction from both his father, Konahamaru, and eventually Sasuke. Additionally, Boruto's maternal heritage means that he was trained by some of Konoha's best taijutsu users - the Hyūga clan. Although he is not as skilled as Metal Lee, Boruto was lucky enough to receive teaching from the two best ninjas in Konoha Village! This is why we think Boruto is a better taijutsu user than Naruto was as a child!


Who is better at Ninjutsu, Naruto or Boruto?

Naruto and Boruto Rasengan

In terms of ninjutsu, the fight between Naruto and Boruto is a much closer fight . Naruto's natural abundance of chakra 🌊 allows him to make hundreds of clones using MultiCloning, while Boruto can only manage a handful at a time. However, Boruto was able to develop his own version of the Rasengan much more easily than Naruto and at a somewhat earlier stage in his development (before the Chūnin Exams, as opposed to after). Additionally, Naruto never really developed an arsenal of techniques like most ninjas do, while Boruto has a number of ninjutsu up his sleeve , including lightning-based attacks, wind-based attacks, and water. 💧 It should also be noted that the tricks that Naruto had to work hard for, such as manipulating chakra to climb trees, were child's play for Boruto, who performed them effortlessly. Our conclusion on this subject is that: young Naruto might be able to invade Boruto with the Multicloning technique during a fight, but his son undoubtedly has a wider range of ninjutsu than his father at the same age!

The hidden power of Boruto and Naruto:

The hidden power of Boruto and Naruto

Some fans might argue that the presence of the Nine-Tailed Fox in Naruto's body would give him the advantage over Boruto. However, during the first part, Naruto was unable to control the demon, Kurama , 🦊 that lay dormant within him and was often manipulated by Kurama himself when using it. We are far from the Naruto of the Shippūden era, who harnessed the power of the beast and was capable of using its power. If Naruto's Nine-Tails power is taken into consideration here, then Boruto's own uncontrollable abilities must also be included, including the mysterious power of the Jougan , 🧿 of his right eye, and the kama seal which can both absorb jutsu and amplify them! Unfortunately, it is difficult to say who will win this battle. The extent of Boruto's hidden power is still a mystery to us!


Conclusion: Boruto stronger than Naruto?

Boruto stronger than Naruto?

The biggest difference between Naruto and Boruto is that during the early part of Naruto's life, Naruto was considered a nobody at the ninja academy, while Boruto was labeled a genius since childhood . 🥇 The entire first part of Naruto centers on a protagonist who continually wants to surpass himself with the goal of becoming one of the best ninjas of all time. And this goal provided Naruto with his greatest strength: his determination. 💪Much more spoiled than his father, Boruto does not have the same determination as his father and this is why it is possible in our opinion that Naruto triumphs at the same age against his son, although Boruto is a more talented shinobi at the same age. age ! In terms of pure ability, Boruto seems to be far and away, a superior genin!

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Naruto est plus puissant que boruto


Tristement, Naruto est tellement différent de son fils, qu’ils sont incomparable !!!!


Naruto est très différent de son fils Boruto du simple fait qu’il n’ont pas la même détermination tout âge confondus.Ceci donne un gain de puissance à Naruto car la détermination est très importante dans les combats,les missions etc.
S’agissant des techniques je pense que les techniques de Naruto sont plus nombreuses et plus puissantes que celles de Boruto bien que ces dernières demeurent des mystères.Et il faut aussi noter que Naruto n’est pas né avec une technique propre alors que Boruto si.
Mais j’ai juste une question qui est la suivante “est ce que Boruto pouvait il devenir Hokage comme son père et son grand père ?”



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