Qui peut battre Kaido ?

Who can beat Kaido?

The King of Beasts , Kaido, is the Yonko dragon 🐉 of the New World, but also the man who is known as the "strongest creature in the world". This hound measures more or less 12m high With his 4.6 billion berries, Kaido is feared throughout the world as a pirate whose cruelty knows no limits. Few people are able to withstand the power of this man, let alone defeat him!


Who is capable of defeating Kaido?

It is known that Kaido has been defeated 7 times and captured 18 times so far in the saga. So, beating him is not as difficult a task as killing him. According to some rumors, he was tortured more than 1000 times in the past! Kaido is certainly the biggest TANK 🚃 in the One Piece universe. Indeed, he must be the character with the best endurance to have never succumbed to his injuries despite his countless battles.

TOP 10 characters who can beat him :


Monkey D. Luffy

The Straw Hat Pirate, Luffy 's current reputation presents him as the fifth Yonko of this world. With a bounty of 1.5 billion Berrys, Luffy is already a powerful pirate. Compared to Kaido, Luffy is in no way his equal. However, Luffy's goal is to bring down Kaido in the land of Wano, 🌸 and when he says something, he sticks to his word every time!

Whether he is stronger than Kaido or not is a completely different question, but we are sure that Luffy will defeat Kaido , one way or another. To bring him down, Luffy sharpened his Haki in Udon Prison for several days! Let's hope that's enough!



Sakazuki Akainu

Akainu is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful characters in the entire One Piece saga . With the Magu Magu no Mi, Akainu can manipulate and transform into lava at will! 🔥

According to Oda, his Devil Fruit possesses the highest class offensive power. This, along with his high-level haki, gives him a strong foundation against Kaido. Of course, defeating Kaido will likely be a difficult task for Akainu, but as tenacious as he is, there's a good chance he'll succeed! After all, Akainu is not the Chief Admiral of the Navy for nothing!



Former admiral of the Navy fleet, Sengoku 🎖️ is a man of many talents. Besides his incredible strength, he is also a cunning man, known for his underhanded tactics. Sengoku is one of the legends of the world of One Piece, having experience facing old legends like Barble Banche or Gol D. Roger.

So, there's no reason why he can't defeat Kaido in combat. Just like Kaido, Sengoku ate a Mythical Zoan type Devil Fruit. His Haki also seems to be immensely refined, and in a fight against Kaido, 🐲 he certainly wouldn't back down easily!


Monkey D. Garp

Also known as "The Hero of the Navy" and "Garp The Hero", 🎖️ Monkey D. Garp is a Vice Admiral of the Navy. Being recognized as one of the greatest legends in history, it is undeniable that Garp is capable of taking on Kaido.

He's already fought against the likes of Rocks, and even Gol D. Roger. Garp does not use Devil Fruit powers, making him a fighter based entirely on Haki abilities. Although he may not be able to defeat him as he is now, in his prime, Garp would certainly be more than a challenge to Kaido! At Manga Zone, we are convinced that Garp could have triumphed against Kaido in the past!



Monkey D.Dragon

Son of Garp, Monkey D. Dragon is the leader of the Revolutionary Army, and also considered the worst criminal in history, according to the World Government. Although much of Dragon's strength remains unknown, the fact that he managed to challenge the government head-on and even give them a hard time implies that Dragon is extremely powerful! 🔥 He is the only known man capable of challenging the Navy head-on with Luffy!

Its commander, Sabo, was able to stand up to an admiral without any apparent problems. Seen from this perspective, Dragon's abilities could perhaps even surpass Kaido's level! 🐉


Red Shanks

Just like Kaido, Red Shanks is one of the Yonko in the One Piece universe. According to Brannew, Shanks is the youngest Yonko, having received the title approximately six years before the current timeline. Like Dragon, most of Shanks' forces remain shrouded in mystery. 🔮 It is assumed that Shanks only uses Haki techniques to defeat his opponents, and this is an incredible feat for a mere human.

It is unknown whether Shanks can defeat Kaido or not, but he is certainly on par with Kaido, or even stronger. Interestingly, the two have already fought once in the New World, and Shanks emerged unscathed at Marine Ford ⚓ after the fight.



Big Mom

The Queen of Totland, Charlotte Linlin, also known as Big Mom , is also one of the Four Emperors in One Piece. As captain of the Big Mom Pirates, she possesses incredible strength, enough to have earned her a bounty of 4.3 billion berries. Big Mom is Kaido's equal, from what we've seen in the story.

The two share a past ⌚ related to Rocks, so they probably fought against each other back in the day. Recently, they clashed in Wano, only to find themselves in a stalemate even after fighting relentlessly for 13 hours. If they do everything they can, Big Mom can defeat Kaido the same way he can defeat her.


Black beard

The Yonko, ☠️ Marshall D. Teach , also known as Blackbeard, is probably the main antagonist of the entire One Piece series. He holds enormous powers that allowed him to reach Yonko status during the two-year time jump.

Blackbeard possesses two devil fruit powers which include the Paramecia type: "Gura Gura no Mi", and the Logia type: "Yami Yami no Mi". Claiming to be the strongest man in the world, Blackbeard has a good chance of defeating Kaido in a fight. Interestingly, this is a fight we could see in Wano, with a wide range of fans suggesting that Blackbeard could potentially come to steal Kaido's Devil Fruit 🍈!

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Gol D.Roger

The Pirate King, Gol D. Roger was once the strongest man in the world, 👑 along with Whitebeard. With a bounty of over 5.5 billion berries, Roger could beat any character in the series. Although not yet alive, he faced Kaido at God Valley where the Rocks team was wiped out.

As difficult as it may be, the Pirate King is expected to be able to defeat Kaido 🐲 without much trouble. Although it is unknown what weapons, if any, Roger uses in battle, the theory is that, much like Shanks, he used Haki as his primary weapon in battle! If you want to know more about this Pirate King? You should be able to get information about him on his page: Gol D. Roger Wiki .



White beard

The Pirate known as the strongest man in the world, 💪 Whitebeard is the only man known to be able to match Roger in combat. According to Garp, he is the "King of the Seas", while Sengoku refers to him as "the man who has the power to destroy the world".

Even in his old age, Whitebeard 💀 was capable of bringing down MarineFord single-handedly and defeating thousands of sailors, including vice-admirals and admirals. In his prime, Whitebeard was a monster in battle. Unfortunately, we haven't seen anything of him since his glory days, but we expect to be able to see him take on pirates like Kaido without much trouble. His title and his achievements speak for themselves!


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j aimerai corrigeait quelque fait akainu. n à pas le. niveau d un yonko il a galèré contre bb qui était vieux, ne pouvait plus utiliser le haki, défendait tous son équipage, avait un trou dans l abdomen.Et je rappelle aussi qu il s est battu avec aokiji pour le poste d amiral en chef et qu il en est ressortie grièvement blesser et aokiji n à pas non plus le niveau yonko donc nooon

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