Pourquoi Saitama est chauve ?

Why is Saitama bald?

A hero capable of defeating any opponent with a single punch 🥊 , Saitama is the perfect example of the Shonen character who has conquered the hearts of manga fans. Brilliant with his extraordinary physical abilities, he protects the world from invasions of monsters in search of an opponent who will put him in difficulty and thus stimulate his desire to always surpass himself.

Among all the characteristics that make the main character of One Punch Man so charismatic, there is one that is impossible to miss: his baldness . 👨‍🦲 Indeed, the hero in the yellow jumpsuit has a completely smooth skull, which should only increase the interest that fans have in him, setting him apart from other manga characters.

But then, why is Saitama bald ? Is this a genetic trait inherited at birth? Does he have an illness that will cause him to lose his hair? These are the questions we are going to answer in today's article in order to clarify once and for all one of One Punch Man's biggest mysteries!


Saitama lost his hair due to his training

Saitama is bald from his training

The reason given in the anime for why Saitama no longer has hair is simply the intensity of his physical training .

Indeed, the hero in the yellow suit acquired his incredible powers after spending three years training tirelessly every day. His exercises consisted of a very specific sequence of 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats and 10 km of running . 🏃🏻 The objective is obviously to increase each day the speed at which you carry out this bodybuilding work as well as your running speed on the 10 km course.

But why can such training explain hair loss when other manga heroes such as Goku train under more intense conditions in the Time Room without losing a single hair? Let’s explore this question together in the rest of this article.

A health problem left Saitama bald

Saitama is bald due to illness

The first hypothesis that comes to mind could be the presence of an illness in the punching hero. 💊 In our society, we often associate being hairless with the presence of serious illnesses such as cancer. First of all, know that cancer itself has no impact on hair loss: it is the chemotherapy treatment that disrupts the renewal of hair growth. Furthermore, there is nothing to suggest that Saitama could suffer from such an illness in the anime.

Indeed, given the extreme vitality ⚡️ and the extraordinary physical condition of this character, we can on the contrary deduce that he is in Olympian form and that he does not suffer from any health concerns . Also, at no point is it mentioned that Saitama has this kind of problem. His hair loss is therefore not linked to an illness.


Saitama is bald because he has too much testosterone

Saitama is bald from testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone secreted by the male reproductive systems. It is responsible for muscle development 💪🏻 but it also notably impacts the development of facial hair . Secreted in large quantities during adolescence, it is the cause of the physical development of young men, the change in their voices and the growth of their beards, among other things. But then, why would excess testosterone make Saitama bald?

Studies show that male individuals whose testosterone secretion is above average tend to go bald in greater proportion than people whose hormone levels remain within the norm. This can also be observed among professional bodybuilders, whose proportion of bald athletes is much higher than in other sporting disciplines. This is valid whether they are natural or use synthetic hormones. 🏋🏻‍♂️

Just like these indoor athletes, Saitama practiced muscle strengthening exercises daily. This training inevitably had an impact on his hormonal secretion of testosterone so that his body could build quality muscles to support his repeated efforts. The question “ why is Saitama bald ?” may have a very simple answer: the hero of One Punch Man may have secreted too much testosterone during his 3 years of training, which explains his hair loss.


Saitama has no hair due to stress

Saitama bald due to illness

Another cause that can be directly attributed to his intense sports training is the intense stress felt by the character and his body. In fact, training the same muscle group every day of the year for 3 years is completely discouraged by sports coaches. To gain strength and endurance, your body needs recovery time. This overtraining may have caused physiological stress 🥵 in Saitama whose body had to draw on its priority energy reserves, ceasing its hair activity deemed useless for its survival.

The second type of stress caused in the white-cloaked hero is psychological . 😰 Such intense training and a steely will maintained over time necessarily create a feeling of anxiety to overcome. By this we mean that in order to progress, it is necessary to put yourself in a state of mind where you need to face a difficulty. This voluntary emotional stress to become a superman may also have impacted the vitality of his scalp.

Saitama's baldness is voluntary

Saitama without hair

Finally, the last argument that can justify why Saitama is bald is based not on the actions of the character, his emotions or his experiences, but rather on a deliberate will of the artist who created this manga. Even if this reason partly goes beyond the scope of the manga, we think it is important to consider it in order to analyze this anime as a whole by discovering all the subtleties it hides.

The first reason that could justify the creation of a bald hero in One Punch Man is found in the humorous potential of this physical trait . 🤡 The explanations given for his baldness during the first episodes of the series literally give the impression that the hero lost all of his hair in a single night. You would think that he only realized it in the early morning when he saw himself in the mirror. This amplifies the friendly and funny side of Saitama, whose calm, relaxed, even totally jaded and detached personality from the world all fans love.

The second reason that pushed the mangaka to draw their main character without a single hair on the stone is justified by the incomparable style that this appearance offers to Saitama. 😎 In a world where the most famous Manga characters all have over-developed hair (San Goku, Vegeta) or very colorful hair (Naruto, Ichigo), the creation of a totally bald hero inevitably leaves an imprint in the hearts of fans who remember their favorite character more easily!

Bald Saitama's style

Moreover, Saitama's appearance is a subtle detail which demonstrates a real sensitivity on the part of its designer to make an impression . Until now, no main hero had worn yellow as the main color for their outfit, let alone with a pair of red gloves and boots while wearing a white cape! Adding to that a zero ball as Saitama's haircut really serves as icing on the cake to offer a hero who is not only funny, recognizable and incredibly charismatic.


Proudly display your passion for One Punch Man

During this article, we dug into all the avenues to better understand why Saitama no longer had a single hair on his head. Cause directly linked to his training, we now know more about the potential scientific and artistic reasons which could have justified such a physical trait. 💇🏻‍♂️

A truly atypical character with superhuman strength, Saitama quickly earned the respect of manga fans. Do you love this character with a smooth, shiny head ? Do you want to proudly display your physical characteristics as a symbol of your motivation to overcome all difficulties? So discover our different Saitama t-shirts , figurines and accessories now and give your daily life a heroic dimension worthy of the greatest punchers!


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